Price includes photo print laminated behind 1/8" clear acrylic, with 1/8" aluminum composite backer (Dibond) and aluminum hanging strips epoxied to back.
16x20 $150.
20x30 $230.
24x36 $330.
30x45 $515.
36x54 $745.
40x60 $915.

Laser Prints
These color and B/W prints are the finest quality-economically priced-and printed at 600/ 2400 dpi. Ideal for short run color, we offer printing on both sides, binding, collating, trimming, folding, and laminating. Output size up to full bleed 11"x17". There is a 3/16" non-printing area on all 4 sides of paper.
Call for Quote.

DRUM. Reflective or Transparent Howtek Drum Scans(up to 4800 DPI) are made from transparent or reflective originals up to 10" x 12". Originals must be flexible (unmounted). Prices are based on file size:
Please call for quantity prices. Normal turnaround 24 hours.

Digital Capture
The PowerPhase FX high resolution digital camera back is the perfect solution for flat art reproduction. The exceptional resolution of the PowerPhase FX enables the capture of fine details on even the largest originals. The amount of information in the captured file equals the amount of information of 8"x10" film. Phase One's color capturing technique is superior to that of film.

Digital Fine Art Reproduction
Color Techniques Imaging would like to acquaint you with our Digital Fine Art Reproduction services utilizing state-of-the-art digital equipment and software ensuring precise replication of the original artist colors. Our Services utilize varied Inkjet printers, a Phase One Fx scanning camera, and drum scanner for transparencies. The unique combination of Digital Capture, Color Conversion Software, and sophisticated color measurement devices ensures precise replication of your artwork, even colors traditionally difficult to reproduce.

Direct Scanning: We can digitize directly from your original art with a high-end studio camera, and can work from canvas, watercolors, drawings, etc. Please send the artwork unframed, as the frame creates a shadow around the edge of the artwork.

Scanning from Photographs: We have obtained outstanding reproductions from transparencies, both 35mm and large format. We request that you scrutinize the transparency closely to ensure that it is a satisfactory representation of your artwork. While computers can work wonders, it is more economical to shoot a new high quality photo than it is to retouch a shot which is off color.

Some of the normally stocked media are:
photo gloss paper, lustre photo paper, bond paper, scrim banner,
polypropylene banner, adhesive backed vinyl,
7 year cast vinyl (vehicle), window perf, 15 mil polystyrene, matte canvas, glossy canvas, static cling, pvc mesh, backlit film,
watercolor paper
: Hahnemuhle, Torchon, Wm, Turner and Somerset Velvet
Call for media not on the list

CTI can laminate cold or hot up to 60" wide, and we stock a number of glossy, lustre, and matte laminates of different thicknesses for various applications, including trade shows, vehicles, P.O.P displays and permanent exhibitions.
Tell us about your project is and we can offer guidance to the most effective materials.

We can mount on any smooth surface (up to 5'x10' black gatorfoam) in one piece, but stock:

3/16" fome-core, 3/16" black gatorfoam, 1/2" black gatorfoam,
1/8" clear acrylic, 1/8" white expanded pvc (sintra)

We use either pigmented or solvent based inks for the most permanent and durable graphics.

Prepress Services - Prices include Phase One Fx Digital Capture or High Resolution Drum Scan, Digitally Archiving the image for future orders, and a set of three 8"x10" color proofs. Return proof to CTI and we will process your order and store the proof with your digital file.

Retouching Removal of signatures in original art or any unwanted marks is billed at $25 per 1/4 hour. We have a one time charge of $25 to resize an image (from original order) and archive to disk.


Our software can accept many different file formats, however we prefer:
.ps (you must use the appropriate file EXTENSION: .tif .eps, etc.)
Do not send NATIVE file firmats, such as .ai , In Design, Quark, etc.
Do SAVE AS or EXPORT from your application to one of the previously mentioned formats. It is important that your document in a page layout program has all placed images, fonts, and logos before converting to an output format. In Illustrator, please convert fonts to outlines, and make a selection ( a transparent or white box sent to back) to the edge of your document.


We have a COLORSYNC color managed workflow between our monitors, scanners, and output devices. It is advised that you (when possible) attach a color profile to your RGB or CMYK document. Also, you should CALIBRATE your monitor and use that calibration in your appropriate APPLICATIONS. ADOBE programs allow you to SET UP COLOR MANAGEMENT among their applications for consistent use of .ICC profiles.
Files created in RGB mode should be left for us to convert to CMYK, unless you have a color managed environment.
Files created in CMYK mode should ideally be tagged with a CMYK profile. If no color management is used, it is helpful if you let us know.


100 ppi at FINAL OUTPUT SIZE is the resolution necessary for your file.
For prints up to 16x20 or a bit larger, if the NATIVE (scanned or captured)
resolution is more, you can leave it at that size. For files larger in scale, 100 ppi is fine.
It is no value to interpolate pixels in Photoshop from a small file to a larger file size.
Please make sure files are PROPORTIONAL to the desired print size. If there is adequate resolution (100ppi@final size) we can scale up or down.

Please call us with any questions before you send a file, and we will be happy to discuss your project.